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Taste of Saitama
Discover the wonder of local specialties from Saitama, Japan
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Stories from the Manufacturers in Saitama
japanese sweets - Bean Paste

Kinoshita Seian

Wagashi, a Japanese confectionery, has been enjoyed at sesonal events, and "Anko", sweetened bean paste, is the key ingredient of Wagashi.
Kinoshita Seian produces premium bean paste since 1931.

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Anthony's Popcorn

Asahi Seika

Bouncy, light, and very crispy! The secret of Anthony's popcorn is its delicious taste, made from carefully selected ingredients and lovingly prepared one by one.
The three premium flavors will bring you happy times.

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GINGER SHOOT honey bee

ginger bug

Utilizing fallow land in Saitama, Ginger Bug grows high quality ginger with no or low pesticide use. Enjoy the aroma and refreshing mix of honey and ginger.

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Nihonbashi Noujun Junmai Edonoutage

Yokota Shuzo

Established in 1805, sake production by Yokota Shuzo started when Shoemon Yokota, the founder, traveled to Edo in search of good water and opened a sake brewery in Gyoda, Saitama.
Enjoy the robust flavor of "Nihonbashi"

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Crumpet Mix | Pancake Mix

Maeda Foods

Organic matcha pancake mix and 100% whole wheat pancake mix is new product from Maeda Foods.
Enjoy the unique texture and taste of flour made from organic Japanese wheat.

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Gluten Free Non-sugar Pancake Mix

Mitake Food Manufacturing

Established in 60 years ago, Mitake Food Manufacturing continues to produce safe and high-quality product for home and professional use.
Enjoy the non-gluten rice flour from Japan.

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Kawagoe Imo Butter

Kawagoe Kaiundo

The maker of "Saimoo", cider drink from Kawagoe-city, has developed new product "Kawagoe-Imo Butter".
Kawagoe sweet potatoes and Hokkaido butter is smoothly cooked together to create an enjoyable flavor experience.

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Sayama Matcha Pudding Mix

Aioi Industry

Enjoy the richeness of Sayama matcha, with new product from Aioi Industry "Sayama Matcha Pudding Mix" This product has no added colors or flavors and so easy to make just with hot water.

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Powder soy sauce Kinbue

Fueki Syouyu Brewing

Established in 1789, Fueki Syouyu Brewing has been using the same traditional fermenting method for more than 200 years. The Soy sauce is made only from soybeans, wheat and solar salt, with no additives.

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Map of Saitama
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Your Guide to Saitama

JNTO Guide for Saitama

Getting ready for traveling to Saitama? Here's online resource by Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO), which helps you find more about interesting sightseeing spots in Saitama Prefecture.


English Guide for places to visit, eat, sleep, fun activities and shopping in Saitama, by Saitama Prefecture Products & Tourism Association.

Koedo Kawagoe Web

Detailed guide for Kawagoe city, Saitama by Koedo Kawagoe Tourist Association. Explore the city's cultural and historical spots here.

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